Students Enjoy Fall Dance


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On Sept. 26 the Cavitt Junior High Fall Dance happened. About 80 students attended the black and white themed dance and had a great time. The Science Department ran this dance. It was a great turnout and all of the students looked like they were having fun!

Tickets were 5 dollars, and party packs were $10. There was also lots of food and drinks for just a dollar. At the dance, a DJ was playing lots of popular songs. There were also photos that you could take with your friends with a black and white background.

One student, Alayna Gaskill, went to the dance and said she had a fun time. She had mixed feelings about the dance. She stated that the DJ did not play very many new songs, just old ones. She was very upset when they did not play her favorite song. She also said the cookies were good, but the pizza wasn’t as good as she would like it to be.

Alayna’s friends Lindsey Zabell and Charlee Emmett were also at the dance with Gaskill. Gaskill says she is planning to go to another dance if her friends continue to go. Her favorite part of the dance was taking pictures with her friends and dancing. Another thing Gaskill added was that a majority of the boys at the dance were doing the Spongebob “Cramp” dance.

Meri Riley, another Cavitt student, went to the dance. She thought the dance was fun but not very many people went because many others were at Vertigo, an event at Bayside Church. She says there was mostly pop music and remixes played. She says the food was okay. Riley’s favorite part of the dance was hanging out with her friends. Riley plans to go to another dance if her friends go too.

Mrs. Davis was one of the teachers who ran the dance. She estimated 175 students to go, and 80 came. She is sure the next dance will be much better. The only conflict was that Vertigo was the same night.

Cavitt students give a big thanks to Mrs. Lomeli, Mrs. Davis, Mr. Pozzi, Ms. Platt, and our parent volunteers for supervising, running the dance, working at the snackbar, and making sure all the students were having a blast.

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