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Mr. Pringle Does Hard Work Every Day


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Many people do not know what Mr. Pringle really does. This article is here to show you.

Pringle works at Cavitt Junior High School, and is the custodian. He does not only clean like many people think. He does so much more than that.

He talks to everyone around the school. Pringle cleans the school picks up trash, fixes broken things, and much more.

He gets to school at 6:00 everyday, and at 7:15 he goes out to the parking lot. He makes sure all students are ok when getting to school.

An anonymous student said that he appreciates Pringle. The student also said that if he saw Pringle needing help he would not help him.

Mr Pringle does all the hard work around school. He buys cleaning supplies, gets everything the school needs, he buys everything from pencils to paper.

Many students have said that Pringle looks like Mr. Parkinson, a retired teacher from Ridgeview. Pringle said that he does not know Parkinson and had no idea that he looked anything like him.

Pringle takes his lunch break, a half an hour, before the students do. He takes his break the same as everyone else.

Pringle says, “Kids should pick up their own trash a little bit more.” Many students also think that the children should pick up more.

So many people would help Pringle, but as you can see not all would help him when he’s in need.  

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Mr. Pringle Does Hard Work Every Day