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Cavitt Welcomes New Math Teacher, Mrs. Kees


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Cavitt Junior High School introduces a new math teacher, Mrs. Kees! Mrs. Kees is a seventh grade mathematics teacher.

¨She is very nice and teaches very well¨, says Patricia Giambeluca. ¨I like the way she teaches because she makes learning and math fun!¨

Many students love the way she teaches and think that she is a great math teacher.

Although Kees teaches math at Cavitt, She is also a teacher at Olympus Junior High School. Kees has been teaching for 10 years, but has only had her own class for two years.

¨I love teaching at Cavitt, I love the environment, teachers, and students,¨ says Kees. ¨I love getting the students and the students getting to know me.¨

Kees loves teaching math, she even said that she teaches a life skill each day to her students. Teaching them important skills to use each day is a very good lesson.

¨My favorite part of teaching seventh grade math is seeing the improvement in each of the students¨, says Mrs. Kees. ¨When the seventh grade students come into Cavitt, they still have the sixth grader actions and personality, I love watching them grow into the middle schooler they are at the end of the year.¨

Before this year, Mrs. Kees taught, but rarely really had her own class. ¨I will seriously teach anything, I even teach swim lessons sometimes because I love teaching so much.¨

Kees loves Cavitt and the physical environment. ¨I look forward to see what Eureka has for me to offer in the future, I feel the district has really taken me in.¨

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Cavitt Welcomes New Math Teacher, Mrs. Kees