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7th Grader Lived Around the World


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Talsen Smith, a seventh grader who attends Cavitt Junior High School, knows first hand what it is like to live in a foreign country. He has lived in places from Santa Cruz all the way to China.

Smith has lived in four countries: China, Bahrain, Oman, and America. If you didn’t know, Bahrain and Oman are in the middle east.

He has lived in all of these countries because his parents are P.E. teachers who wanted their kids to see the world’s different cultures. Smith said “My housing was paid for by the schools that my parents worked at.”

First, Smith lived in China. He lived in China when he was two until he was seven. Smith also said he went to one of the top schools in the world, Shanghai American School. China was his second favorite place to live.

Smith then moved to Oman. Smith said the weather was mostly hot. His favorite thing to do in Oman was play sports. Smith played soccer and ice hockey. It might seem weird to play ice hockey in the desert, but it was an extremely popular sport in Oman.

Smith also said that Oman was his favorite place to live out of the three counties. Oman had Smith’s favorite schools and he had his most friends there.

The last country Smith lived in before the US was Bahrain. In Bahrain he lived on a golf course in a town house. Smith also said that the school had mostly local students in the classes. In the previous schools he attended, the students were mostly Americans.

When Smith moved back to the US, he attended Ridgeview, which is not that far from Cavitt. Smith was excited for sports and making new friends.

Ryan Wenstrom, a classmate of Smith’s, has known him since fifth grade. Wenstrom has played many sports with him such as football and basketball. Wenstrom also said that it’s very cool that Talsen has lived around the world.

Even though Smith liked traveling the world, he is extremely glad that he ended up in Granite Bay.

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7th Grader Lived Around the World