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Intramurals at Cavitt


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The intramurals at Cavitt are very exciting to watch and participate in. They are an exciting way to enjoy your lunch.

When playing in the intramurals, you play with your first period class or you can play by yourself for some sports.

When competing in the sports, you go to the multipurpose room or the back basketball courts to play. This happens at lunch time.

There are many different intramurals, such as dodgeball, pickleball, basketball, and many others.   

Intramurals are like a tournament in a way that if you lose one game then you’re out.

Some students don’t enjoy them: Thomas Collison says “They are not very fun for me, and I see no point in them.”  However, I think intramurals are fun, and they help the schools’ spirit. Also, intramurals are exciting to watch during lunch.

Of all of the intramurals, I think that dodgeball is the most fun to play and watch. I like it because it makes you stay focused the whole game.

When you or your class wins, you get spirit points for your class where you can earn something at the end of the year.

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Intramurals at Cavitt