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Art Thou Going to Support an Art Club?


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Cavitt Junior High School should form an art club. Having an art club at Cavitt would allow students to learn from others, improve their work, and have an enjoyable time expressing their feelings through art.

One reason to start an art club is because Cavitt doesn’t provide enough education about art and art history in their learning curriculums. Cavitt focuses mainly on academics and sports, but they do not focus as strongly on liberal arts classes.

Even though the school provides art docent lessons, where generous parents spend their time to volunteer, it only occurs in each English class once every trimester.

Art docent projects are gradually getting less creative and more restrictive on students’ artistic imagination. Students aren’t getting enough time in those measly one to two hours to really concentrate and take their time expressing their emotions and adding details into their work.

Previous art docent projects had a broader topic about what the students are able to draw. Most of these current projects require all of the students to sketch the same subject, and it doesn’t let students thoroughly interpret the subject.

Another reason to form an art club is because multiple students have never been exposed to other people teaching them new techniques and ideas.

Most students are self-taught, so by forming an art club, they can learn to improve through the other students and appreciate their ideas and advice.

In addition, drawing is definitely more enjoyable when you’re sketching with other people. Seeing fellow students working seriously will definitely motivate other students to work harder on their art piece.

Allowing students to have the opportunity to take their time with their work, appreciating other students’ company, and learning several new techniques are a few reasons why Cavitt should form an art club.

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Art Thou Going to Support an Art Club?