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Donald Trump for President


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Donald Trump is now the 2016 GOP nominee for President of the United States, and it wasn’t easy getting there.  And now that he’s there, it’s important he go the rest of the way to win the general election in November.

I have supported him since there were 17 people running for this position.  I’ve had numerous people come up to me and tell me: “You’re stupid for liking Donald Trump,” “Donald Trump is a joke,” “Donald Trump will never be President.”  Well guess what, he’s getting closer and closer to becoming President every day; right now most polls show him ahead of Hillary Clinton.  These reasons are why Donald Trump is continuing to gain popularity with America.

His ideas: Donald Trump has had very good, clear ideas about running America from the start of his campaign.  When people finally started listening to what he was talking about, his poll numbers skyrocketed.  Other candidates even started repeating his ideas; restating them saying they were theirs, so they would gain more popularity among the American people.

His campaign management: At the beginning of Donald Trump’s campaign, he didn’t really have strong campaign going, except that he was self-funding his campaign.  This would not allow the Republican Party and its big donors to control his campaign.  His campaign really gained support when he hired Paul Manafort to be his campaign chairman/chief strategist.  More and more people started to take him seriously and started endorsing him.

His news coverage: Have you ever turned on any news network at any given time?  Guess who the news people are always talking about: Donald Trump.  He is the number one talked about topic all over the USA.  The news networks talk about him because that’s what people want to hear, so their ratings go up higher.  His support has increased a lot because people hear things Trump has said, and they agree with him.  This turns out more people to vote for him.
This is why in November, Trump will be the 45th President of the United States of America.

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One Response to “Donald Trump for President”

  1. Tibs on October 20th, 2016 3:07 pm

    I have a few questions: How come you say that Trumps’ ideas are clear, yet when ever you listen to him, you hear barely anything clear from him? How would you know that his polls sky rocketed when people started to listen, you would have to ask people when they started to vote for him? Where do you get these facts, what are the sources? You said people started to take Trump seriously after he hired Paul Manafort, I mean Manafort resigned!? He is probably the most talked about topic, but a lot of channels and I mean a LOT talk negatively about him, so are you right? Also, polls show him falling behind.


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Donald Trump for President