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Quickly: The Newest way to Drink Tea in a Variety of Different Flavors


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Quickly, is a place in the galleria mall in Roseville, where you can get a variety of high-quality drinks.

Quickly is an Asian-based shop that has many stores around the California area.

Quickly serves many drinks. Some are hot. One drink that they have is boba tea. Boba tea is a drink with large tapioca balls (boba) at the bottom of your flavored tea that is either black or green tea. Another drink that they have is a slushy which you can get either with or without boba. On top of that they have milk tea, and amazing toppings like boba and types of flavored jelly cubes.

Also, Quickly sells a variety of fried food. They sell from popcorn to chicken to calamari. Though I have not tried any of their actual food, I have heard good things.

In all of their drinks, you add a flavor. They have many flavors like green apple, taro, nutella, strawberry, peach, lychee, grapefruit, and much more. Some flavors you can only get in certain drinks though.

When I go to Quickly, I get a strawberry green tea with boba. It is so refreshing after a hot day when you are shopping at the mall or after a sports practice.

When the workers give you your ice-cold drink, it is sealed. At all of their locations, they have a sealing machine so you can save it for later if you want. The sealer only works on the smaller drinks though. They give you a lid if you have a bigger drink.

At most locations, they have two to four sizes. At the one in the Galleria, there are two sizes: regular and super. The regular size is small and the super is large.

Overall, Quickly is a great place to get quality tea, food, and a variety of drinks. I would give Quickly an A- rating.

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Quickly: The Newest way to Drink Tea in a Variety of Different Flavors