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Sunsplash Beats the Heat


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Living in California, we all know that the heat can get to the triple digits. What is a great way to beat the heat, affordable, fun, and great to meet up with friends? Golfland Sunsplash in Roseville is an amazing way to stay cool and have fun!
Golfland Sunsplash in Roseville is an Arcade palace with a ton arcade games and of  shaped like a castle also, there is a minigolf course, a go-cart track, a laser-tag, and an amazing water park.

At Sunsplash (that’s the name of the water park) there are many water slides, in this article I am going to critic awesome slides there, including; Revolution, Stealth, and Storm Rider along with that I’m also go to critique the go carts, and the minigolf course.

During your time at Sunsplash there are a bunch of ride you go on like revolution, Stealth, and Storm rider just to name a few of many rides.

The Revolution is the red and blue water slide that is a either a one person tube or a two person tube ride. The slide is dark at the beginning then it puts you out in the open where it swirls you around like a toilet. After you’re done swirling, you then get floated down to the lazy river. In my opinion the ride is very short for such a long wait. If the was a bit longer and better I would love it. Rate: F

The Stealth is the white water slide that is either a one person tube, two person tube, or a three person tube ride. The Stealth ride is a big white ramp that goes 5 stories high (50 feet) up then shoots you back down. After the ramp, you then get put down into a tiny pool. In my opinion the wait in line is very much worth it. The drop is sketchy at first, then it is not bad. I absolutely love this ride. Rate: A+

Next the Storm Rider is the big blue and yellow slide which is only a four person tube ride. The Storm Rider is exactly like Revolution but a faster line, four people, and a lot bigger/better. In my opinion the ride is amazing. Rate A+

If you do not want to get wet, then you either can go mini-golfing or go-carting at located outside of the palace.

At the race way the are single cars or double carts. You go around the racetrack as many times as possible until the timer ends. The line is long and the racing is not very fun.

Rate: C-

Finally, the mini golf course consist of two sides of 18 holes. You rent a putter and play until you feel like ending. You would then hit it into hole 18 where you lose it and you go return your putter. The minigolf course there is fun if you have nothing better to do. Rate: B-

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Sunsplash Beats the Heat