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Ms. Bickley-STEM Wizard


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Interview with the Fabulous Ms. Bickley


By Bella Khor and Charlotte Que


The year of 2016-2017 is off to an awesome start with two new teachers gracing Cavitt Jr. High’s science department. Ms. Christina Bickley is one of them.

unnamed-4After a glowing interview with her, it became clear that the school needed to get to know this enthusiastic teacher beyond her brief introduction in the beginning of the school year. Especially the 8th graders who haven’t seen her around school often.

This new addition to Cavitt’s staff teaches seventh grade integrated science and the STEM elective. Ms. Bickley is very excited about Cavitt’s outdoor campus, and she plans to utilize the nature trail to the fullest.

Ms. Bickley wants to take Cavitt’s STEM mindset and integrate art, following the STEAM mnemonic. STEAM stands for science, technology, engineering, art, and math. This interest for STEAM comes from Mrs. Bickley’s love of art. In fact, if she could teach a different class, she would teach an art related subject.

Her motto is “Value your education.”  Ms. Bickley feels that worldly possessions can’t be kept forever, but knowledge and education never leave. She also says to “Embrace the struggle,” and “Don’t give up.” Both are exceptional and encouraging turns of phrase.

She isn’t just a remarkable teacher, though. Ms. Bickley coaches a high school mountain biking team, a middle school racing team, and a family riding club. She has an unchanging passion for mountain biking.

She is also the proud owner of an appealing garden at her home. “It’s so colorful; it’s like having a Christmas harvest down there,” said Ms. Bickley. She also raises chickens, and collects their eggs.

Ms. Bickley is an energetic and wonderful teacher. Ms. Bickley almost quit her pursuit of teaching because of her fear of the spotlight and public speaking. She’s learned to venture out of her comfort zone, thank goodness, for Cavitt students would have sorely missed out on the greatness that is Mrs. Christina Bickley.

Ms. Bickley believes in a friendly environment in and out of the classroom.  In fact, one of her pet peeves is unkindness in general. Another one of her pet peeves is vandalism. She really does NOT appreciate students drawing on her tables.

During the interview, Mrs. Bickley mentioned that she used to be the only science teacher at her previous school, teaching kindergarten through twelfth grade at a tribal school. She talked about how glad she was to be part of a science department with Mr. Pozzi and Ms. Meeker. Ms. Bickley thinks the best of her fellow teachers in the science department, even if she has to share a lab room with them.

Her teaching style is very hands-on and engaging, with her absolute love for labs, her classes, both science and STEM, participate in almost daily labs. When asked if she liked labs, her face almost took an expression as if to ask if the question was really asked. Ms. Bickley energetically gave her opinion on how much she loves hands-on activities and projects. Her students will always have something stimulating and educational to do in class!

Furthermore, Ms. Bickley revealed how welcomed she has felt at Cavitt. Her students are all polite and attentive, and she enjoys getting to know her fellow staff members better!

Ms. Bickley deserves to have the entire school know of her incredible personality, and she is a more than welcome addition to Cavitt memories to be made!


 Ms. Bickley smiles before starting her next class of educational exhilaration!

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Ms. Bickley-STEM Wizard