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Cowboy Rally Rocks


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Rockin’ Cowboy Rally

By Ryan Bousfield, Zane Lynch, AJ Parsons, and Nathan Sahlberg


Exciting, amazing, and energetic are words that describe the Cowboys’ first rally to start off the year! The outstanding rally was an exceptionally loud and cheerful time.

Mr. Wilson led the first rally of the year with a powerful voice and passionate spirit.unnamed-2 He encouraged everyone to stand up and cheer for their teams (Maroon, Gold, White, and Grey).

The Cavitt Olympics had an outstanding point system, this system was: first claims three points, second receives two points, and third gets one point.   

“The rally was a great success,” Joseph Rapozo, a seventh grader said.

Some of the games included Chopstick Marshmallows, Long Sock Head, Balloon Paradunnamede Line, and Volleyball in a Bucket.

The game, Chopsticks Marshmallows, was where each participant would take a pair of chopsticks, pick up a mini marshmallow, and put it in a Chinese take out box. The team with the most mini marshmallows in their box when time was up, won.

unnamed-3“The games were fun and unique,” said Robert Borges, a seventh grader from team White. His favorite game was the Chopstick Marshmallows that he participated in.

There were four teams, each named after one of Cavitt’s spirit colors. Mrs. Taylor, an amazing core teacher, was the captain for Maroon. Mrs. Stannard, the eighth grade Spanish teacher, was captain for Gold. Mrs. Brummund, another core teacher, lead the Grey, and Mr. Woodland, the media teacher, took charge of White.

unnamed-1Maroon, the winning team, had their color hung up on the gym’s wall. Whose team color will be up on the wall next?

“It was sad that my team lost, but it was really funny watching people participate in the games,” said Brandon Cervera, a seventh grader from team Grey.

This action-packed rally was magnificent, and Cavitt is looking forward to the next one.


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Cowboy Rally Rocks