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What’s Happening with the Eating Area: Shade or Sun?


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Shade at Cavitt Jr. High is a topic that most students can become quite passionate about in a short amount of time. Thursday, September 8, in an interview with Ms. Platt, shade opportunities have been discussed for many years, and action upon these opportunities is being taken!

Unfortunately, due to the drastic amount of money needed for a shade structure, it is out of the running for Cavitt, much to the chagrin of hopeful students. However, relief from the sun is something that Cavitt and its school district is actively trying to remedy this year.

For a brilliant example, at the end of last week, what seems to be half of Cavitt’s lunch tables were moved beneath the lofty trees in the quad. Ms. Platt mentioned during CTV one morning, that the placement of the tables was a trial run.

If the trial is successful, the grassy quad area may be leveled out and a more permanent arrangement will be made.

This trial run is actually part of a collection of shade ideas. Another idea that warrants some mention is umbrellas. Ms. Platt saw this concept being utilized at another campus, and added it to her list of possible plans for Cavitt’s campus.

Umbrellas seem to be a promising shade option, as they would cost less than a full-fledged shade structure would, even with all of the planning and preliminary groundwork.

These shade opportunities that Cavitt is proposing and being granted by its school district are not just spontaneous works in the making. Time and planning are both poured into this project.

It would be nice to have permanent shade at Cavitt, but to have a lasting solution is just as important. To ensure quality and first-rate alternatives, Ms. Platt and others involved with the project have been working with great gumption to get Cavitt its wanted shade.

In addition to planning and presenting their ideas to school district officials, Cavitt staff spends their lunchtimes outside in the sun to know the glaring discomfort of being in the sun during a needed break from the school day.

With students and parents giving their honest opinions of the stressing Californian sun year after year, Cavitt students are so far grateful for the option to sit, relax, and of course eat, in a shady area for lunch.

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  1. Eden Rader on September 22nd, 2016 10:13 am

    I think this is a great idea!


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What’s Happening with the Eating Area: Shade or Sun?