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Why You Should Start Planning Your Vacation to Croatia NOW!


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Doesn’t everyone want to go to Paris, but avoid the major crowds?  Well, Croatia is a great substitute.

Croatia is right next to Italy, and was once part of former Yugoslavia. It is also along the Mediterranean Sea, with a mainland and many beautiful islands dotting the coast. Northern Croatia has a colder, mountainous climate. While along the coast, Croatia has an amiable Mediterranean climate.  

Croatia also has some beautiful beaches where you can see beautiful blue, water and you can see the sea floor from 15 meters.  One beautiful beach is Banje Beach.  You can lie down and relax, while you watch the azure waves come in and out..  However, don’t be mistaken, many of the beautiful beaches are not sand beaches, but rocky beaches.

The currency in Croatia is called the kuna, and one dollar in the U.S. is about 6 kuna.  The national language is Croatian, nevertheless many people there speak fluent English.

In Dubrovnik, you can visit the city walls which have stood there since the early middle ages.  You can walk along the top of the walls and see a stellar view of the city or ocean.

There are also many churches and important buildings.  In Dubrovnik, there are some excellent restaurants that provide delicious seafood, but if you are not a seafood person, there are some great pasta dishes that anyone can enjoy.

You could also visit Plitvice Lakes, which are a beautiful collection of large and small waterfalls. Plitvice Lakes is one of the most popular destinations in Croatia, although be aware that in the summer there are large crowds that might ruin an experience of the quiet, serene lakes.  

Worried that in the summer, the heat might get to you?  Well, no worries, there are plenty of spots where you can dip your feet into the blissfully cool, flowing water of the lakes.

One place  to visit is Split.  Emperor Diocletian’s summer fort/palace resides in this cultural center of Croatia.  Diocletian’s palace could be thought of as quite boring with ancient ruins, but on the contrary. Diocletian’s palace is bustling with shops and restaurants.  People have built souvenir shops and ice cream stands.  There you can purchase a scoop of ice cream for roughly one dollar.  You can also visit the actual ruins where you can sit in a square and listen to live music.

Overall, Croatia has beautiful scenery, ancient history, and wonderful culinary experiences.  It’s a breathtaking place to visit and explore.

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Why You Should Start Planning Your Vacation to Croatia NOW!