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Littering and the Law


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If you throw trash on the ground at Cavitt, you may think nothing of it, but your trash starts to build up. Eventually your trash becomes a major problem so, the smallest piece of trash becomes something huge, as littering will continue. Before long, our campus will become a mess, due to Cavitt students littering. Littering has become a big problem on Cavitt; though you may not think much about it, there is a law in California against littering.

Placer County Code Chapter 8 Article 8.16 Part 1 Division II number 8.16.150 is all about littering. In this article, it clearly states that you can’t litter because, according to the article it is unlawful. This article defines litter as waste disposed on public property or on private property without the permission of the owner. Littering has a minimum fine of $100 the first time a person is convicted.  The second time someone is convicted, the fine is a minimum of $500! The third time someone is given a littering citation, a summons to court for littering, the minimum becomes $750. Alternative penalties to the fines are: for the first time convicted eight hours of trash cleanup, the second time caught is sixteen hours of trash cleanup and the third time convicted it is twenty-four hours of trash cleanup. How often have you left your trash on the ground or tables at Cavitt?  Think about the fines you could be responsible for!

Littering at Cavitt has gone too far, too many people are throwing their trash on the ground. So, the next time you throw your trash onto the ground, think about the consequences one piece of trash will have on your wallet or video game time. This problem at Cavitt can be stopped, so just pitch in and do your school a favor by picking up some trash.

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Littering and the Law