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Effects of Littering on Our Campus


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Here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t litter on your campus or just in general. Since we live near Folsom lake, the trash that kids leave can be swept by the wind and carried to the reservoir and the trash starts polluting the reservoir. Why would kids that go to this school for 6 hours every day  (even more if you take zero period P.E.), Monday through Friday, trash their school and litter on their campus?  But students do litter and argue with the teacher about the offense. Kids have been stuffing grapes, plastic bags, and food into the tables holes and they’re giving the janitor a harder time to clean up everything.

You shouldn’t litter because it hurts the earth with all the toxins the garbage/trash is releasing. Trash attracts other animals like raccoons and it’s basically a breeding ground for bacteria. Litter is a threat to public safety. Another reason why not to dispose is because trash is just revoting in general, and trash can contain diseases as well. Litter can contaminate water soil and much more. Animals are probably the most common victims of littering. Animals can get tangled in materials like metal and plastic. Creatures that have been tangled in litter can even die due to trash especially plastic soda wrappers. We have lots of squirrels running around our campus. Do you want one of those cute little squirrels to die because of your trash?

It is estimated that California spends about 1 billion dollars annually for trash pick up and clean up. Lots of people think if the litter is on the ground it isn’t going to get into any waterways, but it can. The trash can get blown into storm drains and then storm drains lead to rivers, lakes, oceans, and more. There is a ton of trash on our the Cavitt campus, and the more you litter, the more you’re just stressing out the custodians and our environment! AND,  it is possible you can get injured by  slipping on this trash and breaking a bone. Trash left on the campus shows disrespect, bad manners, and can leave a bad impression on visitors. According to the website The Atlantic by Derek Thompson, “There is about 2.6 trillion pounds of garbage made each year, and that is around the weight of 7,000 empire state buildings.” Let’s not be a part of the problem, pick up after yourself Cavitt!!

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Effects of Littering on Our Campus