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Why We Should Have the Right to Use Cell Phones During Break and Lunch


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Have you ever wanted to use your cell phone during break? I’ve wanted to use my phone during break for many reasons, and students should be able to do that.

We could watch YouTube and other videos to help us get ready for our next class.

Also, if I forget my lunch or lunch money, I could call or text my parents to ask them to bring it to school.

I would only play appropriate games on my cell phone during break and lunch when I get free time.

“If you forget your P.E. clothes, you can call your parents,” said seventh grader Sydney Woodford, providing another reason for cell phones.

I could videotape a basketball game at lunch. The basketball game is good to get on tape because you never know when a great play or a funny moment is going to happen like on Sept. 13 when we got the ball stuck between the hoop and the backboard and we threw our shoes at it to get it down. These kinds of things don’t happen very often, and events like these would be an amazing memory if we could tape them.

I could look up information on the internet  for classwork or homework which could cut down on homework time at home, along with checking for upcoming assignments.

I could also check the time, so I don’t lose track of it. There are no clocks outside, so you don’t know how much time has passed until the bell has rung.

If kids could use cell phones in school, we could look up questions on Google if we wanted to study or practice for a upcoming test during break or lunch or finish some homework you’ve been procrastinating on.

“I would check my notifications,” added eighth grader Grace McGuckin.

You could also call or text your parents during an emergency such as a fire or storm which would help with kids safety. My cell phone would be off during class and only used during break, lunch, before, and after school, and it would not be a distraction to anyone or anything.

In conclusion, there are many reasons why kids should be able to use cell phones at break and lunch.

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2 Responses to “Why We Should Have the Right to Use Cell Phones During Break and Lunch”

  1. milo on October 12th, 2017 11:18 am

    I agree but I know somebody s going to do something inappropriate with their phones.during break And or lunch

  2. Jitae on October 13th, 2017 11:36 am

    I agree but you should be responsible with your smartphone and not goof of with what your doing on your smartphone.

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Why We Should Have the Right to Use Cell Phones During Break and Lunch