The Shack Is Good, but Some Changes Would Make It Better


The snack bar is good but… I have many opinions on it. The snack shack is great, but changes would make it better.

Some changes would be easy if we could convince the principal to make them. Other changes will take a little to a lot of effort. Some will require not having the snack bar for a while, but maybe we can convince them to make changes over the summer so we can have them in eighth grade.

My recommendation is that there should be water instead of milk with the lunches. Studies have shown that milk is the number one thing to give boys hormones. Also studies have shown that water is the number one thing to quench someone’s thirst. One time I got a lunch and I was super thirsty, and they gave me a milk and I opened it up as soon as I could and drank it. To my surprise I was still thirsty, so I had to go get a bottle of water also.

In addition, we should expand the number of windows at which students can order food. I think they should scoot the tables towards to the small gym, but not in the basketball courts, and put them on the windows on the wall to the left around the corner from the three windows. It would allow the kids to get their food faster and it would allow more kids to get more food which equals more money. I know it will cost more money to build it and to pay more workers, but it would allow kids to get more food towards the end. For example if there are lines and there are two more minutes of lunch, there would be five lines instead of three, which would allow kids to spread out and get food faster, I was late to lunch one time and the lines were super long. Once I got my lunch I started eating. I didn’t get to talk to my friends because I was trying to eat my food.

There should  be more choices in the shack bar. Maybe they can put candy bars in there but have permission slips for that kind of stuff. I think the lunches should stay, but add more lunch foods, like mac and cheese.Maybe they could put in  more kinds of drinks.

The snack shack is great to have but if we want to make it better, we have to put in the effort. It won’t be just our effort it will also take the efforts of the office and the district.

There are many ideas that we could make possible but it will take a lot of effort. Changing the milk to water will be easy but putting in more windows should be an over-the-summer thing.