Snack Bar Lines Take Significant Time


Cavitt’s snack bar lines can stretch all the way to the edge of the gym for half of lunch and all of break.  Kids are constantly waiting in line to get food, and it can sometimes feel like an eternity of waiting in line. But while students are frustrated by the length and time of the lines, school administrators say that the lines have improved.

One student who on average gets food from the snack bar every two days is Nathan Sahlberg. Nathan says that the lines are horrendous and it can take him almost nine minutes on some days just to get food.

Sahlberg also said that the lines were “really bad” and that he couldn’t reach the front of the line to order before the bell rings on some days.

Sahlberg thinks that the school needs more people working so that there could be more places for line movement, which could get people in and out faster.

Vice principal Ms. Beyer stated that snack bar lines are faster this year compared to last year because of new, faster people working the snack bar, which drastically cut down on the waiting time in the snack bar lines.

Many kids have also resulted to waiting until the end of lunch to let the lines die down which also risks kids being late to class after the bell rings.

“The lines are really bad, and sometimes I can’t get food before the bell rings,” said eighth grader Carter Neumann.

There is also a constant scene at Cavitt of kids sprinting out of the classroom just to get food from the snack bar before the lines start piling up.

There are also 20 more students this year which means five to six more people in the lines which does not sound like a lot, but which can add more time for people waiting in line.

Ms. Beyer also said that if kids wanted to cut down on snack bar lines, they should stop cutting the line and have their money and order ready.

You should also be nice to the people working in the snack bar because it can increase positivity, and make them work faster by just saying, “Please” and “Thank you,” according to Ms. Beyer.