Fitness Stations May Not Be Fun, But They Work


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Students at Cavitt do fitness stations every Thursday during P.E. at school, and, while the stations are not something I enjoy, I know for a fact they do help with kids staying in shape.

We normally run a lap around the little gym after every exercise session which normally consists of five exercises such as sit ups, push ups or other exercises. At the end of the stations we normally have 15 exercises and a mile run completed.

PE teacher Mr. Robertson runs most of the stations and said that fitness stations are in the school program because it improves strength and endurance.  Robertson also said that the pushups and the sit ups were the only part of the exercises that are state standards but the rest of the exercises are not part of state curriculum.

Robertson also thinks that the stations definitely help with kids staying in shape.

Students have some different opinions.  From my personal experiences in PE, I think that most kids do not like the mile run and they do not appreciate the exercises that we have every Thursday.

When I interviewed Nathan Sahlberg, he said, “No, I do not like the fitness stations and I would rather run three miles.”  Sahlberg also thinks that the fitness stations serve a purpose of making kids sweat, and get in better shape.

Along with doing the fitness stations by themselves, we normally have to run a mile in between the exercises.

Another student named Daniel Falk also shared his opinion and does not like the fitness stations altogether.  Falk also says that the fitness stations are “kind of hard” and that he would rather run the mile over doing fitness stations.

Gavin Astle said that he thinks that fitness stations are fine but he would rather be doing something else, adding that he also thinks that fitness stations help with kids staying in shape and that the mile is better than the fitness stations.

After the first couple exercises, the stations get very repetitive.

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