New English Teacher Brings New Ideas to Cavitt


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Mr. Fischer is a new English teacher this year for eighth graders at Cavitt.

This is Fischer’s first year teaching on his own. He previously taught in Clovis as an assistant teacher, which he also enjoyed.

Fischer says if he weren’t teaching, he would be a music producer. He enjoys teaching English, but he thinks science would also be a fun class to teach.

As a student, Fischer said he was quiet, hard working, and athletic. He hopes to see students improve their English skills throughout the year.

Fischer knew he liked teaching when he started coaching basketball. He thinks it’s fun watching people get better.

When asked why he chose eighth grade English, he replied, “I just really enjoy the human experience. While in math and science, you can’t connect with students’ emotions like in English.”

Fischer chose Cavitt because it’s such a beautiful place with lots of nice people. He thinks this is a good fit for him.

Students like Mr. Fischer very much, they say it is very rare to have homework which they like. Kids also say he makes learning fun and enjoyable. He also gives the students 15 free minutes on Fridays if they were good during the week.

Fischer is very understanding of students and tries to connect with them. He likes to get input from students so his class is more pleasurable.

Eighth grader Campbell Karres says, “I would describe him as funny, caring, and understanding; he makes class fun.” With a fun, new teacher like Mr. Fischer, Cavitt students are lucky to have English as a class.

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