New Teachers Come with New Curricula


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Mrs. Randall is one of Cavitt’s new eighth grade English teachers. She previously taught at Dixon High School. Many students are likely to have her because she teaches every period except second.

She wanted to become a teacher when she was in seventh or eighth grade. She was inspired by her grandparents and parents because they were teachers.

Randall wasn’t sure she wanted to be an English teacher until after college. She even thought about being a PE teacher.

She has been teaching for three years but has been working in a classroom for nine.

Mr. Fischer, another eighth grade teacher here, said, “She is a very genuine, authentic person who teaches in a way that promotes honest discussion.”

Randall would rather work together with her students, but a new curriculum called Amplify requires students to work individually.

Layla Hayes said, “I like Amplify, but if I could, I would rather work as a class.”

This trimester students are learning about narratives and Amplify will help with that.

Randall said that she “is not a fan of homework,” but that doesn’t mean she won’t give it out. Mrs. Randall thinks that students should at least be reading in their free time.

Randall hopes that her class will elevate students writing and love for reading.

Lucy Newlin and Natalia Smith said Mrs. Randall is a great teacher, and is funny in class.

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