WEB Features Improvements


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Cavitt’s WEB program is great, and there were many changes this year.

This year the WEB leaders will be coming into seventh grade classrooms to give lessons four times this year instead of two. We will also be doing many more things with our WEB leaders with plans of a Halloween-themed activity, a gift exchange around the holidays, and more.

This is the second year WEB has been at Cavitt, and this year the leaders and coordinators tried to focus on the orientation program.  The WEB leaders also hosted the first dance of this year, instead of at the end of the year.

WEB coordinators are optimistic about a good year.

School counselor and WEB coordinator Mrs. Laurin thinks that this year is better, and is going to get better in her opinion.

“I hope that this year will be better than last year,” coordinator Mr. Cook states. “Last year was our first year doing this, and we want every year to be better than the previous one.”

In the spring, seventh graders who want to be WEB Leaders will be interviewed for positions.

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