Mrs. Stanley Is the New 7th Grade Math Teacher


Mrs. Stanley is a very nice and interesting teacher to have. Mrs. Stanley came from Idaho where she taught junior high, and she said “all the students were potato farmers.”

When she first moved here she taught at Sierra College. She taught algebra

She has two kids – a son and a daughter – and two dogs.

She also said, “I love to play tennis on my free time”.

She also said Peet’s coffee is her favorite: “I love Peet’s coffee”

Stanley said all the students are very enthusiastic and I love to teach here.

She also said all the teachers are very helpful. All the teachers are awesome and she loves all of them.

She said this is her first time teaching common core. “This is my first time teaching common core.”

Teaching junior high is a lot more fun but it is a lot more work.

“All the teachers are more supportive,” she said

Mrs Raley said she is so excited to be teaching with Mrs. Stanley and she is ready to learn from her, adding that having her in our math department is a reminder for all the students that going to college is possible.

“She makes me a better teacher,” Mrs Raley said.