In my opinion demerits are good and bad, because they have several different affects on people.

A demerit for some people wouldn’t matter and they wouldn’t learn from their mistakes, and that is why a demerit would not be helpful.  A demerit would be good if you get a demerit and then never make the same mistake again. Those kids who learn from their mistakes benefit from them.

Demerits should be given out a lot less. They should only be given out for serious offenses, not like throwing a goldfish across the lunchroom.

Also I think that a warning demerit should be a verbal warning instead of the student having to take home a slip of paper that says they got in trouble.

Last year many teachers would hand out demerits like their nothing to everyone for not good reasons. I think that students should atleast have a say in what they did to get the demerit.

Cavitt did establish something for this year called Friday school and lowered the detention time for 3 tardies. All of these reasons gave Cavitt a larger range of punishments to give out.

All in all, I think that Cavitt is doing a better job on giving out demerits for reasonable reasons. If students do something that is bad enough to get a demerit then that is their fault, and they should learn from their mistakes.

Overall, I think that demerits are a good thing if the teachers give them out for reasonable reasons.