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Cavitt Has Been Introducing Ways To Recognize Students


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The yellow slip programs have been put in place to help recognize students at this school who have an impact, and have been helping others.  It was alo put in place so that other students could recognise the students who are helping the community, and try to follow their example.

Ms. Beyer, the vice principal of Cavitt, got the idea of yellow slips from the positive behavior committee.  The positive behavior committee has been meeting since last April, and is still going on.  She said that the positive behavior committee voted on this idea and that she had a say on the idea. Ms. Beyer and the positive behavior committee met a couple of times last year to talk about the idea of students nominating other students for positive behavior.

The nuts and bolts of this idea is that when a student recognizes or sees a student performing an act of kindness or helping out another fellow student they go to the office and grab a Cowboy contribution slip, and fill it out.  Then later in the day you get called down to the office, and you get a “Cowboys Live It” bracelet.

Ms. Beyer brought this idea into action this year and combined this idea with the “big elephant” philosophy of being kind. She said that it has started off slowly but she plans and thinks that it will eventually take off.  

The only problem with this idea is that not enough slips are being turned into the office by students. So far, the only people who have gotten this award is Oliva Hempstead, Sophia Hickey, Tyler Lawrence, and Gavin Astle.    

She says another idea of how she can promote this idea which will get it going is that the people who got this nomination talk about it. She also said that CTV might help to promote this concept.

Ms. Beyer said more things that other students could recognize students for would be how students helped the community, with the fires, clean up after lunch, and or help teachers in whatever way they need.

Another form of recognizing the students here at Cavitt is the Amazing Citizen Form.  This is a form that is given to the teachers at Cavitt. This form is used is when a student asks about how to boost their grades and then follows through or when a student is always helpful in class.

The way The Amazing Citizen Form works is when the teachers are giving this form they nominate the student with the ideas above, then turn it into the office, then Ms. Beyer calls home on speakerphone and Ms. Beyer tells the parent what is going on, and then the student gets a picture taken With Ms. Beyer.  Then the student gets to ring the ¨gong¨ to let Granite Bay High School know that a great student is on his or her way.

Ms. Beyer said overall this idea is slow to start but she has faith in it, because the Amazing Citizens form was also slow to start, but has grown and is working well.

Ms. Beyer started this program last year, and she said that it was slow to start just like the Cowboy Contribution slips.  It has been working well, and more and more teachers have been participating.  Ms. Beyer, wants students to see the other students and the good that they bring to the school.  

The positive behavior committee is a committee at Cavitt that includes lainly Ms. Beyer, Olivia Hempstead, and Lillie Winger, but anybody is welcome to go at lunch.  These meetings are mainly for students that want to improve our campus with good ideas.  Ms. Beyer set up this program, because she deals with a lot of bad behavior, and wanted to start recognizing good behavior besides just at the awards assembles every month.

“Let’s recognize more people; so many are amazing,¨ said Ms. Beyer.  Overall Ms. Beyer said that these programs have been a good impact on the school and on other students at the school.

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Gavin Astle, Staff writer

Gavin Astle is an eighth grader at Cavitt Junior High School.

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Cavitt Has Been Introducing Ways To Recognize Students