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Cavitt Band Is Excited To Perform in Front of all of Sacramento


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On Thursday, Nov. 9, the Cavitt band is going to be performing at the Golden One Center in downtown Sacramento during halftime of a Sacramento Kings game.

The band teacher at Cavitt, Erica Van den Bogaerde (Mrs. Van), heard the news when a member of the Kings’ staff called her and said that she wanted them to perform for them during halftime.  The Kings representative had heard the Cavitt band before when the band played at Sacramento State earlier this year.

The band will play a fast song called “Armed Forces on Parade.”

Elle Danielson, a student in eighth grade has been playing since fifth grade.  Danielson is pretty excited, but is also scared because the song is very fast-paced and a lot of people are going to be watching.  She played the clarinet in fifth grade, but since sixth grade, she has played the oboe.  Shea Cook has also been part of the seventh grade band since fifth grade, and played variety of of instruments but now plays the trumpet.  Cook is also excited to be playing at this important event.

The band is going to be leaving school on Nov. 9 at 1 p.m.  The band is planning on getting to the Golden One Center at about 2:00, and doing a warm up and soundcheck at 4:00. After the soundcheck, the band will walk around old Sacramento, and have dinner before the game starts.

Mrs. Van den Bogaerde said that she and the whole band are excited yet nervous.  She expects the entire day to be very tiring, because they need to get all the instruments down to the Golden One Center, and the band is only going to be performing at halftime, for a minute and a half.  The band will also be dressed up in red, white, and blue, for patriotic night.

The band has been working hard and is practicing separately as an eighth grade band and a seventh grade band, but will combine as the band at the night of the performance.  

Another event that the Cavitt band does is that they go on spring tour every year to the Bay Area.  

Mrs. Van den Bogaerde came from a musical background and played the cello when she was younger but plays every instrument now to teach the kids.  “It’s my dream job,¨ said Mrs. Van den Bogarde of working at Cavitt.

The band has played at the Golden Empire Music Festival before, and other concerts at Cavitt before. Some of the people in the band have been playing for more than four years and are very experienced.  

Mrs. Van den Bogaerde said that she and the band are planning on staying for the whole game, depending on what is going on, and how late it goes.  Mrs. Van den Bogaerde said that her and the band are very excited to have been given this great opportunity.

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Gavin Astle, Staff writer

Gavin Astle is an eighth grader at Cavitt Junior High School.

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Cavitt Band Is Excited To Perform in Front of all of Sacramento