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Elsawaf Goes to Egypt for the 16th Time


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If you could spend your whole summer on the Mediterranean Sea and soak up the wonder of pyramids, you would be in company with one of Cavitt’s eighth grade girls. Lina Elsawaf and her family just got back from Egypt for the 16th time! Elsawaf loves it there. She says that Egypt is one of the most unique places she has ever been.

Apart from her and her family and some of her cousins, who live in New York, all her other family and extended family members live in Egypt. She says that she only sees them once a year, when her family travels to Egypt to see them every summer.

When she is there, she mainly goes to the beach on the Mediterranean Sea and plays with her cousins and family. She says that the waters are crystal blue, like a clear aqua.

She also likes to swim in her grandparents’ pool. When she is there, her family stays in a vacation town and at the houses of her grandparents. When she drives from Cairo to the vacation town, she passes by the ancient pyramids and visits them, something that most of us only dream of getting to experience.  

She said that the Egyptian food is delicious, and they eat a lot of meat, rice, and soup. Her favorite soup is a green, leafy soup. Other then that, she says that they mostly eat foods they eat in the U.S.

Since Elsawaf had to miss soccer over the summer and she did not want to lose her soccer skills, she joined a soccer clinic to stay in shape. Even though she was the only girl practicing, she doesn’t regret doing the clinic.

It never gets old to her to go exploring many tourist spots and going to the pyramids. She stayed five weeks this year, which takes up most of her summer break. Although she loves Egypt, she says that she misses Granite Bay and her friends at home. It is like leaving home to go home.

Some of the main differences that she noticed from her home in the U.S., is the time zone which is nine hours ahead, the different languages spoken, and that there are some donkeys pulling carts.  

She says like Egypt is like New York City. She says that there are a lot of vendors, beggars, and poor people in the city of Cairo. She also said that like a lot of other populated cities, the air is polluted and there is trash everywhere.

Before landing in Egypt, she went to Spain with her cousins and family friends. While she was there, she went to tourist destinations, went sight-seeing, and she went biking on the beach. She also said that they ate a lot of good food there and she stayed there for four days before going to Egypt.  

Not many things can compare to spending five weeks in Egypt over the summer. Elsawaf loves how she is able to go there every summer and sometimes over Christmas. Elsawaf loves visiting there and she is happy that she gets to visit one of the most unique countries in the world.

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Grace McGuckin, Staff writer

Grace McGuckin is an eighth grader at Cavitt Junior High School.

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Elsawaf Goes to Egypt for the 16th Time