STEM Is a Popular Elective


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I think STEM is a great elective because we get to do fun challenges and awesome labs.

The challenges are fun because they get us up and thinking. The first week of school, we tried to build a structure to support the most mass. My structure managed to hold me and five textbooks for a few seconds before giving out. Another challenge was to build the tallest structure with 15 pipe cleaners in 12 minutes with challenges along the way. Our structure got second place in our class and fourth overall.

The labs are cool because I like experiments. The Rainbow Lab taught us to follow directions but the colors were still cool to see. Another lab was the Tasty Geology Lab. We got to predict what the inside of the cupcake and slice it open and best of all, we got to eat them! That was my favorite lab.

The videos we watch are awesome because they are interesting and keep us paying attention. We watched a video near the beginning of the year called “What did You Miss,” and it asked how many white players pass the ball. We also watched a crime scene documentary that we had to take notes on.

Forensics is cool because I like being able to find clues. Forensics is where you find out who did a crime. We do labs like shoeprint and measurement labs to go along with forensics.

The worksheets are fun and easy to do. They are usually fill in the blanks so and it sometimes comes with a word bank so it’s pretty easy. Even if it doesn’t have a word bank, it’s still easy because I usually know the terms.

The drawings for forensics were pretty fun because we got to try to identify them. Some of our drawings made the cut, but others didn’t, like on one of our drawings, the hair looked like Link’s from The Legend of Zelda.

In conclusion, STEM is great and it deserves an A for its labs and challenges.

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