‘Riverdale’ Returns Once Again with Strong Season 2


Season two of ‘Riverdale’ has come on The CW Network as of Oct. 11, and is on every Wednesday.

As a fan of the show, I continued watching Riverdale on television. It is really easy to follow along to, which I like.

In season one, the show only really focused on one city, which was Riverdale. In season two, they are digging deeper into Greendale, which is a city next to Sweetwater River. Also, there is now another school to focus on. Jughead Jones is now enrolled in Southside High.

Guess what?! There are new and old characters coming on to the show. Remember Miss Grundy? She came back… For one scene at least. Also, Hiram Lodge is now out of jail and is at Riverdale. Another example is Mary Andrews. After hearing the news about Fred being shot, she is back from Chicago.

In season one, there were multiple times where the plot wasn’t interesting, but now there is always something going on.

For example, there is a new murder mystery in town. Everyone learned who the murderer of Jason Blossom was, but now there is another murderer who might be linked to Archie Andrews.

In the new season of Riverdale, you start to see a different side of people. For example, Jughead Jones had joined the Southside Serpents. Not just that, but Hiram Lodge is trying to be a normal father and citizen.

As an overall grade, I would give this an A+. I believe that you will enjoy this a lot, and you would want to continue watching it.