Students Should Not Be Able To Select Their Own Teachers


Many students want to choose their own teachers because they could pick a teacher they like and they could be with their friends. Even though that is true, students should not be able to pick their own teachers.

If everyone picks the same teacher, only a certain amount could be in that class. The other half would have to get another teacher. Students would think that isn’t fair because they picked that teacher like everyone else.

Students may pick a teacher based off of their personality and past experiences from friends or family. A few days in they might realize that they actually don’t like the way the teachers teaches and could struggle in that class.

Also, selecting our teachers in junior high won´t help us prepare for the future. When people get a job, they can’t pick who their boss or coworkers are. Assuming that they don’t learn to deal with what they get now, how will they be able to do it then.

If people were able to pick their boss, it could end up the same as with the teacher where they don’t like the way their boss runs the business.

Some people might say that students should be able to pick their own teachers because if a student is shy they could be in a class with their friends.

Although that is true, they could be distracted in a class with all of their friends.

In the article “List of Classroom Distractions” written by Stephanie Cai, it states “When a student talks to another during a lecture, they are distracting all the other students around them.”

Not only are they distracting other students, they are distracting the teacher too.  The teacher would have to stop the class just to ask the students to stop talking.