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Jacksonville Might Do Better This Year


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The Jacksonville Jaguars might do better this year as they started off their season better than they did last year. They are already off to a better start than last year, when they lost their first five games,and their standings were 3-13. This year, they have won every other game so far, their standings being 4-3 in week seven.

In 2016, they won only three games against Indianapolis, Chicago, and Tennessee. They were the second-to-last team in the AFC, with only Cleveland below them.

Also, this year they fired head coach, Gus Bradley, and signed Doug Marrone to replace him. Bradley was fired because he was not doing a good job as head coach, and Marrone will hopefully give the Jaguars a boost.

They have a new executive vice president of football operations this year, Tom Coughlin, who led the Jaguars as head coach very close to the Super Bowl in their 1996 and 1999 seasons. He might bring some good luck for the team.

The Jags have signed Josh Lambo who was previously on the Los Angeles Chargers, releasing Jason Myers, a struggling kicker that has missed many field goals and PATs.

Myers missed two field goals in their last game against the Los Angeles Rams. Making this switch might hopefully make the Jags better this year, as Lambo has a better record as a kicker.

Rookie receiver, Dede Westbrook, is able to come off of injury after their bye week, and it might give the Jaguars the little boost they need. He will definitely make a big change for the Jags this year.

Head coach Marrone was quoted as saying, “It’s always encouraging to be able to get a player back that you feel can help you win. I do feel that way. Right now the reports that I have had is that he is on track, and we’ll see.”

The Jags’ defense are doing very well this year, as they’re ranked first in interceptions, sacks, and opposing QB rating. They’re also ranked second in passing touchdowns allowed, and third in passing yards allowed.

Overall, with a new kicker, head coach, and their standings being already 4-3, Jacksonville could have a very good season this year, or at least better than last year’s season.

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Nathan Sahlberg, Staff writer

Nathan Sahlberg is an eighth grader at Cavitt Junior High School.

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Jacksonville Might Do Better This Year