Alexandra Lam Enjoys Tennis


Alexandra Lam is a great tennis player and thinks the school should add its own tennis team here at Cavitt.

Lam started playing tennis since she was eight years old and has been playing ever since, and she is 12 now. It was her choice to start so she could play a sport she enjoys.

Lam isn’t on a team, though. She goes to a club called Johnson Ranch Racquet Club. There you can play against other people in doubles, but if you like playing by yourself you can play singles.

She also thinks that the school should definitely have a tennis team. “There is a tennis court and we don’t use it.” says Lam. It would also be a great way to make friends and it’s fun. She has met many new people while playing tennis and she thinks others can too.

She would also love seeing other students play and enjoy tennis. In the end, she says, “Tennis is fun and is for everyone,” says Lam, adding, “It rhymes!”