Sisters Take Trip to The Last Frontier


Eighth grader, Hannah Lang, and seventh grader, Skyla Lang, went to Alaska over the summer.  They joined their grandparents, cousins, and other siblings; however, their parents didn’t go along.

They were there for a total of 7 days, from July 16 to July 23.

Sitka, Juneau, and Haines were the places they visited while they were there.

For part of the time, everyone stayed on a National Geographic boat and the other part they were in hotels. Hannah said the boat was small compared to the other ones they saw. It had three stories and it took them to different places to hike.

The  Langs went kayaking, hiking, dog mushing (a sport or transport method including the use of dogs pulling a sled on snow), ziplining, and on a helicopter ride. Hannah said that the helicopter ride was beautiful; they flew over glaciers and saw bears and goats. Skyla said that she was surprised by how warm it was that day during the ride. There were four other people in the helicopter with them.

Both girls said their favorite part was when they went dog mushing. They rode on a path around a glacier.

Hannah said they learned about the glaciers and global warming. Skyla exclaimed, “And fungi!”

Hannah and Skyla said that Alaska was very different from California. It was very cold, there was lots of scenery, and almost everything was green.

They also saw eagles and got to play with husky puppies.

To get there, the girls took a plane to Seattle then Alaska.