Volleyball Seasons End in the Playoffs


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Both seventh and eighth grade volleyball teams did very well in the playoffs. Eighth grade volleyball finished 5-5 on the season, but their record didn’t show some of their success.

“They started right where they left off from the seventh grade season.” says Mrs. Peterson.

Mrs. Peterson expected them to do as well as they did in the playoff game.

All of the girls had a great attitude during the game, though Mrs. Peterson said, “It didn’t end up going our way.”

When they started they were the best communicating team.

They had the better seed, they had the third seed instead of forth.

Seventh grade volleyball players adjusted really well to the new team, and school, though some had a difficult time.

A couple of the girls came in as good setters, but some had to learn how to play that position.

During tryouts Mr. Robertson saw how much potential the team had.

They lost in two sets against Twelve Bridges in the championship, falling 25-12, 25-17.  They had a tough time playing the regular-season champion Twelve Bridges earlier in the season as well.

Eighth grader Nevaeh Woods had a good volleyball season playing for the Cavitt Cowboys. She is one of the setters for  the Cavitt Cowboys, and did a lot better as a player, and as a team member.  Woods said that all the girls were easy to get along.

All the girls started really well, especially at serving, but they also were great at cooperating with each other.

Seventh grader Milan Taylor doesn’t have a set position but she is a great volleyball player.  Because no one had a set position, they had to all rotate positions. As well as the eighth graders, the seventh graders cooperated as a team really well.

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