Eighth Grader Is Skilled Trap Shooter


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Cavitt eighth grader Chase Knieriem is a skilled trap shooter for Del Oro, and shoots very often.

A friend of his got him into trap shooting. They had a conversation about trap shooting, then Knieriem tried it, and he has loved it ever since. Chase said, “It is really fun and it’s gaining a lot of popularity.”

He practices at Auburn Trap Club, and Coon Creek Trap Club every Tuesday and Thursday.

The season officially starts in four months, and competitions are every other weekend.

Knieriem shoots clay pigeons. They are little round orange disks that you can launch manually or automatically; he shoots these in competition and in practice.  In a normal competition he will shoot 100 pigeons, but in a state competition he will shoot 200 pigeons.

Knieriem’s gun is a Stoeger Condor 12 gauge rifle, which he says is easy to use and great for starters.

Knieriem also goes hunting for real in his spare time. He tends to go during the fall, and he says hunting is great practice and in getting to know the gun.

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