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Fire Victims Surprised by Cavitt‘s Generous Donations


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In early October, many deadly fires began to burn in Northern California. 140,000 acres were destroyed and thousands of families have evacuated as the fires continue to demolish towns.

As people were forced to evacuate, they only had five minutes to grab what they wanted and had to abandon their house, knowing everything would be burned to the ground.

Because of this, people have no resources and are trying to survive off of the very few necessities they have with them. Many people all around California have been donating supplies to the wildfire victims, hoping to help them after their homes were destroyed.

Cavitt Junior High School students were even some of the generous people to contribute materials to the wildfire victims.

The donation idea started when Sophia Hickey and Olivia Stenson asked to start a drive for wildfire victims. They were in charge of sorting and then bringing over the supplies.

Hickey decided to start this drive when her dad, KCRA TV reporter Brian Hickey, started going to the locations of the fires, and he kept bringing back sad videos. This made her decide she and her school should help too

Ms. Beyer, the vice principal at Cavitt, also helped.  She said that the supplies helped victims so much, those who lost their houses had a touch of hope. ¨It was amazing, everyone at school donated.¨ exclaimed Beyer.

Many supplies were donated including food, toys, clothing, hygiene products, and pet and baby materials. Victims needed a lot of things, as so many people lost everything.

Hickey and the Granite Bay Emerald Brigade brought the supplies into Northern California. She wasn’t able to see victims, but saw volunteers who greatly valued the donations.

The materials were brought to Vallejo Animal Evacuation Center and a church. Victims were so happy and surprised with Cavitt´s generous donations.

Many things were donated, and fire victims were so happy when they received them. Since the supplies were given, hopefully fire victims can live a little better after losing their homes, and everything they had.  

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Ally Bader, Staff writer

Ally Bader is an eighth grader at Cavitt Junior High School.

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Fire Victims Surprised by Cavitt‘s Generous Donations