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Many Students Love the Cavitt Book Club


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“People should join book club because it’s not just reading books,” says Yasmeen Ali, a member of book club. “It’s also about having fun with friends and playing games.”  Students meet in the library for book club each Tuesday.

There are many activities in book club that all sorts of students can enjoy. Things like going over books, playing games, hanging out with new people, and eating lunch with friends bring many students together. It’s a great way to meet new people and make more friends.

There is also a fair way to chose books. Students vote. First, the members vote on a category. The most popular categories chosen so far have been fiction, sci-fi, or humor. They have only read two books so far but the second one was the most popular, The Uglies.

Another great thing about book club is that you don’t even read the books there so you have more time to eat, play games, and talk with friends. All of the books are read at home. Also if you buy lunch don’t worry about being late to book club because you get a head of the line pass when you buy lunch that day.

Book club is also a great way to make new friends. Everyone there is nice and will include anyone who joins. About 16 people go so there are many people to be friends with.

Many people who go to book club have been worried about who is taking over and if book club will end, and it probably will not. Mrs. Wilson has clarified that the next librarian will most likely take over book club.

The members of book club and Mrs. Wilson think you should definitely join book club because it’s fun and you can join at any time.

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Gab Doss, Staff writer

Gab Doss is a seventh grader at Cavitt Junior High School.

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Many Students Love the Cavitt Book Club