‘Geostorm’: The Most Destructive Storm To Hit WB Wallets


The movie “Geostorm” is about two brothers Jake, who is played by Gerard Butler and Max, who is played by Jim Sturges, must stop a haywire satellite array that is sabotaged by a hacker.

Max, the one who built the array, is kicked off of the project, and is needed to come back when a group of people get frozen in Afghanistan because of the haywire system.

The whole explanation for the “failing” is just confusing, and it doesn’t make sense.

The acting itself is good, and I felt that the characters did fulfill their roles very well, and it was directed very well.

The young actor in the movie (Sterling Jerins) who plays Hannah, is Jake’s daughter, is a natural born scientist like her father, and is constantly working on a project is also a great actor for her age.

The movie obviously is going to go in her favor since she is young and she has a strong connection with the main character which becomes very boring after about ten minutes.

I thought the plotline itself in the movie was very good, but it was very predictable and obvious what was going to happen after each scene.

One thing I did/did not like about the movie is that the events are thrilling and exciting, but they only last a couple of seconds each.

All of the dramatic storms in the movie never repeat themselves and they are always new and unexpected, the computer generated image in the movie is in every scene of the movie and most of it is very good except in the massive destruction scenes which are completely horrendous when it comes to the fake storms.

The villains in the movie are actually are more interesting than I originally thought they would be, but because the storyline was so jumpy, the villains really didn’t get to fill their role sas much as they could have.

The main characters themselves aren’t very connectable to each other and a couple talked about scenes in the movie where you were supposed to feel sad, really didn’t work, because you didn’t feel connected to any of the characters.

In my opinion, the movie itself was only exciting for about 15 minutes while things were being thrown around and destroyed.

The rest of the movie is just gibberish about fake political issues that are  somehow affected by the satellite array.

The end of the movie should have been exhilarating and exciting but the obvious nick of time saving the world is just getting boring because it’s in so many movies. I think the movie should of had a more unique and exciting ending instead of the ’80s movie nick-of-time countdown scene.

The only time I was really into the movie is when there was a fight between Jake and Duncan which was just cheesy and boring after about 15 seconds.

Altogether the whole movie’s storyline was completely predictable and the CGI was completely exciting and terrible at the same time. The movie itself is just a ton of the CGI trying to cover up all of the political drama with destruction. Altogether I would give the movie Geostorm a C+.