Book Club Is a Fun Activity for Tuesdays


The latest book club meeting was on Oct. 31 this year. Not many things special happened there, but it was fun!

In book club you don’t even read books so for my first time there I didn’t need to catch up with anything and I didn’t need to commit to going every Tuesday. It’s something that you can join for one day and never go again, so it’s a great way to see if  you like book club or not.

In book club that day we ate lunch, hung out with friends, and talked. There weren’t too many people that it was super crowded, either. Book club is a great way to make new friends, too, I met a lot of funny people that have similar interests as me.

Book club isn’t like a normal library. You don’t have to be super quiet. If you’re laughing loudly you won’t get yelled at. Since it was Halloween you even got a some candy.

Overall, I think you should join book club because it’s very fun, I know I enjoyed it.