Cavitt Students Ride Away with Unique Talents

Horseback riding is a sport that many students at Cavitt take part in. There is a variety of types of riding you can do. Many of the girls also started at different ages.

Jordan O’Leary, a seventh grader, does three-day eventing. Three-Day Eventing involves a single rider and horse who compete against others in the three disciplines of dressage, cross-country, and show jumping, each done in three different days. O’leary recently started riding so she is still working up to competing.

I also do Three-Day Eventing and I have been for four years, but I started riding when I was six. I compete and do shows about every two-three months. I like eventing because each day is different; however, I also love cross-country.

Seventh grader Kylie Balunis, and eighth graders Elise Rush and Keeley Downie all do hunter jumpers. In hunter jumpers, you are judged on your position and your horses movement while doing flatwork and jumping. Balunis rides at Hunterville and Rush and Downie both ride at Royal Oak. Rush also does dressage.

When Downie was asked about why she chose to do hunter jumper, she said, “My parents didn’t want me doing eventing because it is dangerous, so hunter jumper just grew on me.”

Madelynn Horne is an eighth grader at Cavitt who does show jumping. She is trying to move to Royal Oak to ride with Rush and Downie.

Riding can be done at any age. Many girls started when they were young.

Balunis said she was forced by her parents to try riding when she was six. Fortunately, she turned out to like it.

Just like Balunis, Downie started riding when she was six. She said she had tried every other sport and didn’t like any of them until her mom suggested horseback riding.

Rush became interested in  this sport when she was 9. She said she was at a birthday party which had pony rides. She enjoyed riding and wanted to do more of it.

Finally, O’Leary was introduced to riding by close friends.