‘Happy Death Day’ a Funny, Scary Movie To Relive


“Happy Death Day” is a movie about a girl who’s experiencing the same “dream” over and over again. It turns out that is wasn’t a dream and she was getting killed multiple times, and her task was to kill the scary, mask-covered creature that was haunting her.

The movie is very good, except at some points it got very confusing and hard to follow. You wouldn’t think that, especially since she’s just repeating the same dream over and over again.

It starts out with the girl waking up, and going threw her day normally. But towards the end of the day, things start to act weird. Then a killer comes and kills her.

But what isn’t usual is that she comes back to life and experiences the same morning, afternoon, night, and same killer but he or she killed her differently.

They got very creative with how they put the story together and how it was written, as well as some of the funny lines from the movie.

All the actors in this movie are a great fit for the roles they play. They really made the movie funny.

Some of the parts that were supposed to be scary weren’t that scary, but some parts where you weren’t expecting a jump scare, it was there.

Overall, I give this movie a A- because even though some parts got confusing, they were still really funny.