Makerspace Fosters Creativity at Lunch


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Makerspace is a collaborative workspace to be creative and to explore your own interests.

They have beads, puzzles, chess, clay, origami, Snap Circuits, Legos, building structures, and Magnetix.

“Makerspace is a great place to sit and be with friends and be creative,” according to Ashwini Kudrimoti, the school librarian.

Makerspace is all lunch long and you can eat your lunch while being creative.

“It is pretty fun for a Friday activity when there is nothing to do,” said eighth grader Jack Lund.

There is usually a maximum of 20 kids who can attend, but if the numbers get very high – up to about 40 – the library will close to all other students to let all who want to participate be a part of it.

Makerspace will be held every Friday until the end of the year.

It is “the best place to meet new friends while being creative,” according to eighth grader Katelyn Khieu.

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