8th Boys Volleyball Leads the League


The Cavitt eighth grade volleyball team opened the season 4-0.

Mrs. Peterson, the coach, said that she has high hopes for a championship for this team.

Jack Lund agrees with Mrs. Peterson because he thinks that the team will make it to a championship.

Luke Simpkins and Lund both have been playing this sport for three months and are both loving it.

Lund said, “I think our season is going great, we have won all of our games so far.”

The team had their best game against Springview. Mrs. Peterson declared, “Their team had hard hitters, but we were able to stop them.”

Some of the new players signed up because it looked exciting, and because all of their friends were on the team.

Lund’s favorite position to play right now is back middle because he gets more action in the back row.

The coach said that she has had a fun time coaching this this group of kids.

Mrs. Peterson has been coaching for 10 years and played in junior high.

Cavitt’s season is off to a great start, and the boys have been working hard to get the record that they have.