A New Discipline Option Has Been Introduced to Cavitt


Books, boxes, and more line the hall as a student cleans, sweeps, dusts, and scrubs gum off desks.  Cavitt Junior High School has created a new discipline option this year called Friday School, which takes place from 2:30-4:00.

Ms. Platt and Ms. Beyer decided to test out Friday School this year after consulting with local junior high schools.

It allows Cavitt to have multiple levels of consequences when behavior strategies, such as demerits and detentions aren’t working.  

Friday School is one step before suspension, and Ms. Beyer believes that it keeps kids from being suspended.  It is a chance for students to make up for their behavior with community service.

Two students have needed this consequence so far, and both Mr. Woodland and Mr. Fischer have been in charge during the time.  The teacher that runs the session chooses what the student does during the 90 minutes.

For example, Mr. Woodland had his student clean out the CTV center and scrape gum off desks. Mr. Fischer, on the other hand, waited for 15 minutes, and the student didn’t show up.  Both of the students prefer to go unmentioned.

Mrs. Platt said, “I talked to Ms. Beyer, and I think that it is of significance but not suspension.  It is important that we talked about consequences with more positive incentives.”

A similar punishment, Saturday School,  takes place in high school, spanning six to eight hours instead.

Mound Westonka High School is one place where Saturday detention takes place.  During Saturday detention, eating, headphones or earbuds, phones, talking, and sleeping are not allowed.  If a student arrives late or they don’t follow the rules, they have to come back next time and hours already served may not be counted. Unlike Friday School, the students aren’t required to do community service.

There are definitely worse consequences in the future, so Friday School is just a small discipline option to set students on the right track before high school.