Eighth Grade Girls’ Softball Team Starts Out Strong


Hit! Run! Catch!  April to the beginning of May is a fun and successful time for Cavitt’s eighth grade girls’ softball team.

The eighth grade team of 12 are coached by Mr. Robertson and Mr. Cook, with practices Monday through Thursday and games on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  They have eight games in the season, playing Glen Edwards, Antelope Crossing, Olympus, and Twelve Bridges each twice.

They have done a great job so far with four wins and two losses.  They’ve beaten both Glen Edwards and Antelope Crossing by one run, but had a big win of 10-5 against Olympus.  However, they lost to both Twelve Bridges and Glen Edwards the second time. On April 24th, they smashed Antelope Crossing 17-7, clenching a spot in the playoffs.  

Mr. Cook explains, “The girls are good enough to beat everyone, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we did.  It just matters who shows up to play.”

Everyone hits, fields, and works well as a team.  Ally Williams and Isabella Rocha are the team’s pitchers, with Gina Musso predominantly as shortstop.  Sydney Howes and Paige Rust play first base, Rust and Sarah Gross field on second, and Kayla Darabi and Sydney Howes play third.  Catcher is mostly played by Julie Jenkins and Jenn Wolfe.

Howes, one of the team’s most powerful hitters, states, “We’re all just one big team and will cheer each other on no matter what happens.”

Gross’s favorite position is second base, Williams likes to play pitcher, and Wolfe loves playing catcher.

Mr. Robertson states, “I love working with the students and creating relationships.”

“I think it is a fun sport, to be out in the sun in the spring, hitting grounders to people,” said Mr. Cook.  “And while winning isn’t the most important thing, it is definitely more enjoyable for all of us, and it has been fun to play so well.”

It is the first time in five years since Cavitt has fielded two softball teams. Plenty of girls came out this year to have fun, play with their friends, and compete against other schools.