Basketball Competitions Bring Madness to March


Many students at Cavitt Junior High School participated in some basketball challenges. These events took place in March as a celebration of March Madness.

Many of the participants had a lot of fun. Most of the contestants tried all of the challenges, and very few won.

One of the participants was Tyler Williams, who said he signed up for all of these challenges because he likes to play and he wanted to see how well he would do against the other contestants.

Williams feels he did best in the three-point contest. His best quality is shooting because, “It was the first thing I learned.”

Jack Blackburn, another contestant for the challenges, signed up because, “I thought it would be fun.”

He signed up for all of the events and thinks he did best on the around the world challenge. His best quality in basketball was defense because, “I’m not good at dribbling.”

Neither of the last two contestants won but Eddie Thomas won two of the four events he signed up for, the three-point contest and around the world. His best skill in basketball is either shooting or dribbling.