Band Performs at Golden Empire Music Festival


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Cavitt Jr. High School’s Symphonic and Concert band participated in the Golden Empire Music Festival at Sacramento State University on April 21.

The bands left in the morning, and traveled to Sac State to perform at the Golden Empire Music Festival.

The Golden Empire is an annual music festival where bands are critiqued by judges and get feedback on their performance.

At the festival, bands do not compete, it’s simply to give players feedback and ideas on how they can improve their playing and techniques.

When asked why her seventh and eighth grade bands competed, Mrs. Van den Bogaerde, the band teacher, said, “It is a great experience to work with other professional musicians and get feedback on our playing.”

The band played well and got good feedback. With the new information, the band can make improvements for their playing at the upcoming spring tour.

Mrs. Van den Bogaerde states, “Both bands did well, and they both got great feedback on what they can improve on.”

“We have played better, but we were fine. We did get some good suggestions to improve our playing for our next performance,” said Elise Fisher when she gave her opinion on how the seventh grade band did.

The songs were judged on all aspects of the music, including rhythm, note accuracy, musical sound, and much more.

The bands did well at the festival and will definitely improve in the future with the help of the judges’ feedback.

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