Eighth Grade Track Starts Strong


This 2018 season our eighth grade Cowboys are doing their best, taking home many winners and racing to their best to have fun in track and field.

Matthew Bradley, a track and field participant, states, “It is my first year; I have a lot of fun doing the long jump and shot put.” He also said that it is a fun way to compete and exercise. Matthew wanted to tell all of the students to get involved in afterschool activities especially if it’s your last year.

In the first meet of the season, Brycen Mogensen had the best score in the 200 in 25 seconds and smoking the competition.

Mr. Martinez, the coach, stated, “I like to coach track because it is an athletic event, and it is during a great time of year with great weather.” Also he started participating in track in high school doing the 400 meter and shotput, and has been coaching for 15 years. Mr Martinez feels very good about the team and thinks they are doing well this year.

The track season this year brought many good competitive runners and athletes. The  eighth grade team consists of Paige Beater, Christine Corry, Keeley Downie, Lina Elsawaf, Annie Hyatt, Denali Lasko, Isabella Mathis, Grace McGuckin, Chandler Perry-Smith, Abigail Peterson, Delaney Roach, Ella Roach, Bryce Arikawa, Brayden Ashby, R.J. Borges, Matthew Bradley, Lucas Brown, Brandon Cervera, Noah Lemay-Assh, Devin Madden, Brycen Mogensen, Nathan Sahlberg, and Riley Tarter.

Nathan Sahlberg says, “It is a fun sport because I get to run with my friends and get to compete against or with them.”

Devin Madden likes track because he likes the competition and he states, “I practice a lot to get better so I can win.”

Trials and finals are coming up and the best of the best will compete then and try to place and win.

Track practice is Monday through Thursday, and meets are scheduled on the Cavitt website.