Cavitt Quiz Bowl Teams Compete


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Students from seventh grade and eighth grade answered questions to compete against other schools at multiple events. These tournaments and practices took place from January to March 17, 2018.

The eighth grade team consists of four students: Paige Rust, Tibu Batriedo, Noah Lemay-Assh, and Suraj Parikh who made final decisions on answers as captain of the team.

On the seventh grade team, Dax Knoll, Momin Ahmed, Tryten Platt, and their captain, Will Pike, competed. Together, the teams practiced in Mr. Woodland’s room during lunch on Mondays and Thursdays.  

The judges ask a variety of questions.  There were ones on English, math, and many other subjects.

They went to a competition at Sylvan Middle School, and there will be another one on May 5.

During the event, the eighth graders placed second. The seventh graders, enjoying the experience, placed sixth.

How the event works is that teams have six matches before a lunch break. Each match is 20 questions.  If a team gets the question right, they have a possible three bonus questions to get extra points. The team with the highest score wins.

During the Sylvan Middle School event, the Cavitt teams competed against the Kittredge teams, as well as many others. In the opening rounds, Cavitt went 4-1 with just a single loss to Kittredge took the win. Unfortunately,  their loss against Kittredge cost them the first place win. Cavitt was unable to have a rematch, forcing the eighth graders to settle for second.

Parikh explains, “To me, the questions are quite easy, and I love to see how the competitors figure them out.”

Mr. Woodland’s favorite part about Quiz Bowl is, “The daily practice was fun to do with the students.”