Current and Upcoming PE Units, What To Look Forward To


Picture this, you’re up to bat the pitcher throws a pitch right down the middle, crack! You feel the power when you hit it. You bat flip because you know it’s a home run. Then you jog around the bases giving high fives. This might be what you are feeling in the future.

After PE classes finish ping pong and speed minton, we are going to do ballroom and square dancing. After that we are going to do softball.

When asked why we are doing these PE units, Mrs. Peterson said, “We try to incorporate team sports and solo sports to play things kids wouldn’t do outside of school.”

When Mr. Robertson was asked why we are doing these PE units he stated “They’re a state requirement for different skills.”

Both PE teachers like playing all of the units, and Mrs. Peterson specifically said she likes ping pong.

CJ Herring likes ping pong, which is the PE unit he is doing now. He says his team is one of the better teams.

Jordyn O’leary thinks speedminton is a lot of fun, and she thinks she is doing pretty well.

Robert Borges thinks speedminton is a great experience, and he also thinks he is doing great.

Borges would like to play soccer next while Jade Lemoine would like to do tennis

Herring does not want to do ballroom dancing, but O’leary is excited to learn the dances.